Bankruptcy Attorney Fees

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Affordable Bankruptcy Court Attorney Fees and Court Filing Fees Quoted Upfront

We will quote you our bankruptcy attorney fees upfront over the phone or in person. The fees vary depending under which chapter we will have to file your case. We will advise you of all the associated fees. You will know exactly how much it will cost to file your bankruptcy. We will work with you on the payment of attorney fees and all costs associated with your bankruptcy no matter your financial circumstances. 

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees

All legal issues that may affect fees charged will be determined during your free consultation. In most Chapter 7 cases, Attorney fees range between a flat fee of $0 to $500. At Sterling Law Office our focus is on getting you a fresh start and a new beginning. Need and ability to pay are taken into consideration in the determination of legal fees charged. Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees are not Attorney Fees and are paid to the court as a cost to file for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code. This cost is solely set and determines by the United States District Bankruptcy Court and is discussed in the section(s) captioned Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 Filing Fees. 
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Chapter 7 Filing Fee

The United States District Bankruptcy Court charges a fee to file a petition for relief under Chapter 7 of the US Bankruptcy Code in the amount of $335. Usually, a petition filed under Chapter 7 is seeking to obtain a discharge of all debts, immediately, upon approval of the petition and order of the court. However, some assets may be reaffirmed and excepted from complete discharge and retained by the debtor with creditor approval. Generally, the bankruptcy court requires that this fee be paid at the time of the filing of the petition. The filing fee is usually collected by the attorney, since the petition is filed and fees charged electronically to the attorney upon the filing of the petition. That being said, at the discretion of the court based upon request of the debtor the fee may be paid in four monthly installments. Finally, based upon the debtor’s circumstances, at the discretion of the court, the filing fee may be waived in its entirety. Not to worry, all of this will be explained and discussed during your free consultation.

Chapter 13 Attorney Fees

Chapter 13 cases, are generally considerably more involved than the chapter 7 cases which seek the immediate discharge of all debts. Accordingly, this factor is taken into consideration along with our focus to assist each client in obtaining a fresh start. Notwithstanding, the fee in most chapter 13 cases will range from between $300 to $999. Again, not to worry, all of these matters will be thoroughly discussed and identified and mutually agreed-upon during the course of your free consultation.

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Chapter 13 Filing Fee

The filing fee charged by the Bankruptcy Court is $310. A petition filed under Chapter 13 is seeking to pay off creditors through the bankruptcy trustee over an approved period of time as determined by the court, usually from between three to five years. The debtor must prepare a payment plan, (with the help of our office), subject to the approval of the creditors and the Bankruptcy Court, wherein debts are to be kept current and arrearages will be paid off. The debtor retains the asset during the plan amortization period, subject to the court’s monitoring and supervision of the repayment process through its Trustee. The debtor is eligible for discharge after successful completion of the payment plan.

Other Fees

In both chapters 7 and 13, the petitioner/debtor is required to take credit counseling course(s) for a fee of $25, which is paid to the provider of the course. Fees and costs outside of the basic framework discussed above will be thoroughly explained at the time of your free consultation.

Our bankruptcy attorney fees include everything.

Your fresh start is just a phone call away. We will quote you a flat fee for everything from the beginning to the end. There are no hidden charges. We will deal with any issues that may come up without any additional fees. 

Bankruptcy fees quoted over the phone.

At the end of our conversation I will wish you God's best. There is not, nor will there ever be, any pressure to retain our services.